Caramel Butter Bars July 11, 2018 - This combination of shortbread cookie dough and gooey caramel is a match made in heaven! Whether they’re for a summer BBQ with friends or you’re simply in the mood to indulge in something sweet, these bars will hit the spot. While they’re definitely not diet-friendly (I mean, how can they be with “butter” in their … Continue reading Caramel Butter Bars
Baileys Coffee Cupcakes May 10, 2018 - Are you a Baileys lover? If yes, then these cupcakes are definitely for you! Biting into one of these beauties is like biting into a pure cup of Baileys Irish Cream (the secret is most definitely in the icing). Relatively easy to make, these cupcakes are perfect for any occasion. Baileys Coffee Cupcakes      … Continue reading Baileys Coffee Cupcakes