Homemade Apple Sauce

Wasn’t apple sauce everyone’s favourite when they were a little kid? It’s the most simple recipe to make yet so healthy at the same time. The only part about making apple sauce that can be time consuming is the actual peeling of the apples, the rest of the time you just let it simmer! It’s the perfect snack to send with your kids to school or have in the fridge for whenever they feel like it. Personally though, I think it can be enjoyed at any age.


Tip: To make my apple sauce I usually like to use sweeter apples such as Lobo or Honey Crisp so that there is no sugar added!


Homemade Apple Sauce          |     Level: Easy     |     Serves: 15     |




20 Apples

1 Cup of Water

Cinnamon to Taste



Peel and finely slice your apples, removing the core and seeds. Place them in a large pot and add a cup of water over the top. Simmer on low for about an hour or until the apples becomes soft. Remove pot from heat and use a hand blender to purée the apples until it becomes a smooth sauce. Allow to cool before serving and sprinkle with cinnamon if desired!


Tip: You can adjust the recipe to however many servings you want!

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